BLUE Urban Pool & Outdoors

The ICON Home team created  B L U E to optimize the pool and outdoor environment construction experience for Houston's premier property owners.   BLUE Urban Pools & Outdoors is a natural extension of our custom built homes & interiors where we apply the same exacting standards and disciplined processes to bring outstanding results outdoors. 

Our process and results are different by design; 


  • We execute within a Fully-transparent economic model which puts our clients in the driver's seat

    with no gimmicks, no surprises, allowing us to deliver exceptionally designed and built outdoor environments while allowing our clients to be expressive in their creation - to get the pool they want and to invest what they want to invest - baked by our years of experience and design savvy.

  • Our average pool build time is just 40 days

  • we specialize in simple modern pools for urban infill neighborhoods, and focus on features that will stand the test of time

  • Pool, Spa, Swim-Spa, outdoor kitchen & fireplaces construction

  • We utilize Exclusive finishes and plasters for best in class longevity & warranty

  • We specialize in Eco-friendly, healthy, quiet and efficient equipment packages